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How we started

Flash Shelton

In 2019 Squatters took over his Moms house after the passing of his Father. Flash did what everyone typically does and he called law enforcement to report a break in and was told that they had moved furniture in and were living in the house therefore they were considered Squatters and it was a civil matter and would have to be done in civil court. Flash had heard nightmare stories and didn’t want any part of that process so he started his research and came up with a plan to get Squatters out in less than a day. He recorded the events on video and posted the video on YouTube in the beginning of 2023. The Video went viral by March and has over 6.1million views at this time.

After receiving media attention nation and world wide he announced on Jesse Watters that he would use the attention to help others and started a campaign to criminalize squatting. He began asking for support through signatures and donations and to continue to bring attention he decided to start using his skills to help others with Zoom Consults and removal services.

We are driven by values

People work hard for what they deserve in life and no one deserves to lose what they have to someone not willing to put in the work for themselves.

Super Efficient

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled

Flash Shelton

Squatter Hunter

Dillon Bruno

Squatter Hunter

Mike Shelton