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Squatter Hunters

Flash Shelton, The Squatter Hunter will help you get your Squatters out using a safe, humane and legal system.

Zoom Consultations and Squatter removal services available.

Submit and search Squatters

National Squatter Database exposing all Squatters and non paying tenants. No Squatter is safe.

Zoom Consultations

One on one Zoom Consults with Flash Shelton The Squatter Hunter to devise a prevention plan or removal of your squatter. Goal is to give you advice and plan enabling you the tools needed to remove you Squatters.

Squatter Removals

After a Zoom Consult you may have the option to hire Flash and his team to remove your Squatter using the proprietary system created by Flash.

Zoom Consultations

Are you having a problem with Squatters, non paying tenant or want to learn how to prevent squatters with a personalized one on one Zoom sessions with Flash himself. Click here to email squatter details and receive link to pay $150 to schedule a zoom. You may make payment prior for quicker response through Venmo @Flash_Shelton then send your detailed email. The option to hire our team to remove your Squatters will be assessed during a Zoom Consult.

Squatter Removal

After completing a Zoom Consult you may have the option to hire our team to remove your squatters or have Flash be a consultant during your process.

Submit Your Squatters

If you have a Squatter or have ever had a Squatter please submit your Squatters to our national database. Their name, picture and location. You may also submit any details on how they became a squatter. Non paying tenants may be submitted.

Recent Squatters

“If they can take a house, I can take a house.”

Flash Shelton

Let’s work together to change Squatter Laws!

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