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Squatter prevention and removal Zoom Consultations include a personalized sit down with Flash Shelton. He will break down your situation and give you the professional advice you need to prevent squatters and remove them safely if you have found yourself in the middle of a Squatter or Non Paying Tennant situation. The fee for the Advice Consultation is $150.00 you will recieve a dedicated one on one session with Flash him self.. After making payment you will receive a link to schedule your zoom. Please email the details of your request to

Squatter Removals

Flash Shelton created his patented squatter removal system that has been found to be completely legal and safe. Flash Shelton has the support of Law Enforcement, Attorney’s and Judges nationwide. His idea started in 2019 when he was just being a good son protecting his Mom from a group of squatters that broke in the back door. After removing squatters in less than a day he looked at helping others with law change and now homeowners with removals.
The System starts with a process to be successful.

  1. Zoom Consultation
  2. Virtual Removal Attempt (Optional in some cases)
  3. Surveillance and Lock out
  4. Strategic Move In with Squatters (After Assessment and preparation to increase success)

Every Situation is different and the costs will vary but the common breakdown is below.

$1,000 to $20,000 plus expenses

To Get Started Please Email The Full Details to

Non Paying Tennant Assistance is a modified version of squatter removal.

We are doing everything we can to bring costs down even trying to raise money through contribution to help those in need.

Submit your Squatters and Non paying tenant to our list to be posted send their name, picture, location, contact info and a brief description of how they gained entrance and we will be posting a national database to help others avoid them.

When we come across a squatter that turns out to be a family in need we do everything for them to manage help and relocation.

Coming Soon

Squatter Prevention Annual Membership where we help secure your home and immediately remove your squatter if one appears at no additional cost to the homeowner.